We need YOUR help to design our new T-shirts !

Please read the design requirements and contest rules at the bottom of this page

Design Requirements:

  • Please limit your designs to 8 or less basic colors, and try to stick to the color themes found on both
    our national and local websites (so yes, that does mean lots of blues and whites).
  • Include the SMART logo somewhere in your design.
  • All designs should be drawn as close to full-scale/full-size as possible.
  • For designs done in a program like Illustrator or Photoshop, here are the specs required by our printing company:
    * 300 dpi resolution minimum
    * canvas/artboard size should be full-scale
    * The file should not be “flattened”; submit your final design with all layers intact.
  • Even if you submit a hand-drawn design, we’ll eventually have to turn that in to a digital file
    that we can give to our printers, so please keep that in mind: your artwork should be as close to full-scale as possible, should use 8 or less basic colors, and should be legible enough to at least be scanned in to a PDF file at 300 dpi or better.

How to Enter:

  • Email your artwork to: Megan@MeganGoodrichLLC.org
  • Turn in your artwork during our “Open House” hours (1-3PM) on Thursdays at SMART HQ (8322 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #114 San Diego, CA 92111)
  • Come to our annual picnic on Aug. 12th. We’ll have a table set up there where people can draw and submit their designs.
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